Kesa Flowers was founded on the intention of its founders to translate their years of flower knowledge into a unique assortment of roses that cater to consumers’ changing demands. The Kesa Flowers collection is created to keep up with changing consumer trends while remaining true to the simple charm of flowers and the emotional connection they create in nature.
While generating remarkable results in its range, our art of growing is one that is environmentally benign and improves the lives of those who live in its habitat. It’s all about you now! The Kesa Flowers Selection is a Kenyan product cultivated with passion and presented with care and affection for our customers.

Our Mission

To cultivate and grow high-quality flowers for export in Kenya in a socially and environmentally responsible way, with a focus on meeting customer demands while creating value to shareholders in a dynamic and demanding work environment.

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality roses to consumers all over the world in a trustworthy and reliable manner, to become the preferred service provider for our customers, with the goal of helping them bloom and appreciate their life through a complete range of roses and other flowers.



We believe that it is not only our primary responsibility to give back to environment and society, but also our responsibility to implement safety measures for both mother earth and the humans that dwell on it. Kesa Flowers seeks to bring happiness to everyone, from our clients to our staff to society and the planet. Kesa Flowers is involved in a number of programs to ensure that we are renowned for making every effort to advance an amazing workplace culture.


Why Choose Us

Kesa Flowers as a brand strives to understand our customers’ needs in order to satisfy them in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients and to form commercial partnerships. Employees at Kesa Flowers are business partners. We think that great vision is nothing without great people behind it, therefore we work hard to attract, develop, and maintain a brilliant and committed team, regardless of color, race, political affiliations and physical ability.

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Our clients

At Kesa Flowers, we believe in providing our clients with a commitment of pure flawless and impeccable services. We feel honored for that our clients continue to believe in us and the quality of the products available from Kesa Flowers.


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